The next Sports and Adventure DTS starts the July 2019! Write us for more information!

ede-deportes-2The Sports DTS is going to challenge people that practice sports and want to be used by God in what they do. From the mountains to the streets and parks, God is looking for athletes that worship His name as God Creator. His greatness and creativity is seen through the different sportive expressions used during the School.

Getting to know an extreme God pushes us to be more like Him and live radically. God wants to speak to you and use different ways including the challenges in theses 5 months.

The Sports DTS is not exclusively for athletes or only people that love sports. Our focus is 90% about teachings, ministry times, worship,intercession, small groups, work service time, drama practice and more and 10% focused on sport and adventure.


We have weekend activities in the mountains, play sports on base and in the communities and of course we will challenge ourselves on our Ropes Course!ede-deportes-3

Do you like sports and want to use sports to know God more? Then come and be challenged! You can download our application and send it back by email!