Night street evangelism and soup kitchen reaching out to the people living on the streets of the city of Mendoza.

“El Comedor” is a Spanish word that refers to something similar to a “Soup Kitchen”. Using this ministry, we serve homeless people with food once a week. It is a ministry that’s close to our heart.

We look for donations of food, money and transport and prepare everything so that we can give not just food, but love. On Fridays we serve food for about 40 people and have worship times, give a message and share together.

We’d love to have you partner with us in prayer for the lives of these men and women. We trust that God is making an impact in them.

As well, we go out to the streets at night once a week. We talk to those who take care of the cars, that live on the street, streetvenders, the police, the youth at the squares etc. We bring something to eat and drink and in winter we bring blankets for those who spend the night on the streets. God guides us in praying for them and bless their lives with His Word!