Our Story and Ministries


God in the Andes,

We are a part of the greater YWAM Argentina family and YWAM International.  We love new challenges and different cultures.  We have about 50 full-time staff from all over the world who serve with us.  We speak Spanish, English and occasionally Portuguese!

Our doors opened up in 2003.  Since then, we’ve grown in God, numbers, DTS schools and doing missions around Argentina and into the nations.

We run three DTS schools a year: a Soccer and Arab World DTS in January, a Community Development DTS in April and a Sports DTS in July.

We also run a School of Frontier Missions (SOFM) and the School of Foundations for Counseling Ministry (FCM).

We live on a big farm and there is plenty of room to connect with God in nature, play sports, do arts, and grow in a diverse community.  God is doing amazing things in Argentina and we are so priveledged to be part of this time.

We appreciate Argentine culture and knowing more of who God is, His faithfulness and how He transforms lives.  Our vision is to train leaders to go to the least reached nations and to affect areas of society in Mendoza.  Pray with us for God to use us to impact lives around us in Mendoza and into the nations!


Argentina is a diverse country in many ways. Since it was colonized by Europe it has influences from both Europe and indigenous societies.

It’s a large country that incorporates physical diversity. Argentina has deserts, glaciers, rainforests, mountains, coasts and prairie land. Argentina also has a lot of natural resources such as oil, mineral and agriculture.

The official language is Spanish. The currency is the Argentine peso, one peso is about 0.35 USD$ or 0.25 Euros (see www.xe.com for conversion rates). The population in the country is around 36 million and Buenos Aires, the capital city, has 12 million inhabitants.

The main religion in Argentina is Roman Catholicism but the Protestant Church has been increasing a lot since the 1980’s. Argentina is a very traditional country that respects what they know. But here, as everywhere, occultism and consumersism seek out people.


Mendoza is the capital of the Mendoza province and it has 880,000 inhabitants. The city is situated in a desert close to the Andes and the border of Chile. It has an altitude of 810 meters over sea level.

Mendoza is a very old town; it was discovered in 1561. It started flourishing after channels were built to the building of channels that led water down from the mountains. This was to improve irrigation for agriculture. In 1861 there was an earthquate that completely destroyed Mendoza. The city was then rebuild and is a centre for toursim, vineyards and outdoor adventure sports.

Mendoza is well-known for it’s variety of vineyards and for adventure activities.

People come to Mendoza to climb, trek, hike, horse-back ride, ski, board, raft, bike and paraglide. From Mendoza there’s also a lot of tourism to the Andes and especially to Aconcagua, the highest peak in the American continent with a height of 6.962 meters.

Even though the hot and dry climate Mendoza is a very green city because of its parks and planted trees.